Explore the brand's reputation deeper to know your business new growth points
What we answer with the research?
  • What users tell about brand?
    Our initial process with any brand starts with providing them with profound monitoring, analyzing the current situation of their brand's online status, where we are in the current moment of time. We locate online venues related to our partner's brand, most frequently visited by online users and where the highest activities about them are going on.
  • How reputation impact your business?
    We lay out where the brand has positive activity, where the brand lacks sufficient reputational advantage, where it might have problems with negative activity, reviews and commentary.
    We conduct our initial analysis based on the target markets and in the languages our partner currently does business in, or plans to expand their businesses to in the future.
  • What can you do to build reputation?
    We provide a strategy file, breaking down the data into an executive summary, providing the most important details about the brand's current situation, its strengths, weaknesses, and the roadmap consisting of what needs to be done to enhance the brand's reputation organically, which online places to focus on to get the best results, and where we can help & what we can do to make all this happen in the most optimal way.
Steps of our analysis
Determine aimed countries
We select the top countries based on your geographical presence or target market preference
Select reputational keywords
We analyze the most frequently used keywords across search results in selected countries via professional parsing softwares
Collect search engine results
We collect the results in TOP100 for these keywords and parameters
Analyse SERP results
We analyze the search engine results according to our proprietary criteria or you can add unique ones by request
Display the current reputation
We get the current picture of your brand's reputation in predefined and selected countries as to what customer see
Devise the strategy to build reputation
We make recommendations as to how to enhance your brand reputation, so that it affects how customers see your brand.
Why does it matter?
Online reputation management is a frequently underestimated marketing direction. While companies spend millions, actively trying to attract new customers and retain the existing ones; many miss the fact that customers fade away after reading the reviews or other user-generated content across the internet. According to the last social surveys, the impact of online reviews keep growing year after year.
More consumers are reading online reviews than ever before. In 2021, 77% 'always' or 'regularly' read them when browsing for local businesses (up from 60% in 2020).
Review survey 2022 by brightlocal
You can find more astonishing facts about user-generated content influence in quoted survey or other trusted sources.
Since 2014, PRpillar has confirmed the value of the online reputation for businesses with in-house research. Most of our projects last for 3 and more years or until the company arranges these processes in-house. This fact speaks for itself. However, with our audit, you receive reputation strategy tailored for your business, which can be implemented in-house from the beginning if you have enough resources to handle the processes.
Order your research
Languages/Keywords in research
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Countries in reasearch
Choosen by PRpillar
up to 5 per language
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Deep brand's reputation analysis
Showing only the main issues
Can you change the parameters to analyze?
Google tops for analysis includes
Top 10
Top 20 - 30
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Devising the strategy you can implement yourself
Devising the strategy PRpillar can implement
Reputation management consultation (2 hours)
1026 EUR
(from 198+ EUR for extra languages)
By request
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Why choose us?
Even though sometimes companies attract specialists to perform all the tasks above-mentioned according to their marketing strategies, or even form a department, their projects tend to struggle and not give the optimal performance and desired results due to the amount of online venues and the absence of required skillset and resources. They simply cannot cope with the project.
PRpillar has all the necessary resources to carry out a full pipeline of tasks we mention in this document. We have an experienced team of professionals with second-to-none abilities on the market that makes our projects and analysis more valuable and superior than you could possibly run into, such as:
  • Experience of work in these field of business, for many years;
  • Understanding the mechanics and algorithms for working on such venues, forums and review websites
  • Having a wide portfolio of detailed, organic-looking and real-like accounts across a lot of valuable websites that takes years to create, build up and maintain.
  • Special tools (For parsing, scanning, monitoring, auditing, optimization, creating reports).
  • All our professional authors and content creators definitely have a trading background.
This is why we offer you to conduct an audit with the required parameters to find out where you need help, and what we can do for you to strengthen your brand.
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